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Occupational Health Nurse - Bloomsburg

Bloomsburg, Pennsylvanie 17815, États-Unis Numéro de demande381
27 mai 2020
TITLE: Occupational Health Nurse 

This position reports to the onsite Safety Department, but is overseen by the management team of Mid State Occupational Health Services Inc.  This position interfaces with plant managers, foreman, personnel, and all employees within the manufacturing facility.

This position is responsible for all written and verbal communications pertaining to the health center which includes:  employee health education, obtaining medical information from employees, recording medical histories on new or existing employees, and assisting with return to work evaluations for all non-occupational medical leaves.  This position is responsible to assist the Safety Department in the implementation and maintenance of a proactive safety and health program to reduce the number of work related injuries and their associated cost.  This person will be the primary liaison with the worker’s compensation insurance carrier, to ensure that all claims are thoroughly investigated, claims are approved and denied with company knowledge, and that claim reserves are established appropriately with company knowledge.  This person will also be responsible for the maintenance of all OSHA 300 logs, and with the entries that go onto the log.

This position will have primary responsibility for:
1. Worker’s compensation case management.
2. Assessing and treating all work-related & nonwork related injury/illnesses within the scope of practice.  
3 Managing all required health surveillance programs, and drug/alcohol testing.  
4. Facilitate wellness programs, provide monthly reports as required by the employer, and will assist with safety meetings, training, and general plant safety administration.

This position provides medical assistance for all work-related illnesses/injuries within the scope of licensure.  The position is responsible for compliance and maintenance of all required regulatory statutes.  This position is responsible for management of all worker’s compensation claims, and has cross functional safety responsibilities i.e.:  training, education, incident investigation, and general plant safety administration.
• Demonstrated ability to work in a team environment.
• Demonstrated ability to deal directly with patients in a manner that instills confidence and facilitates communication.
• Demonstrated ability to work and communicate effectively with diverse medical personnel including physicians, technicians, and nurses.
• Demonstrated knowledge of Occupational Health & Wellness and OSHA regulations, worker’s compensation statutes, and associated insurance requirements.
• Demonstrated knowledge of FMLA, and HIPPA regulations, as well as Disability management.
• Demonstrated computer literacy.

Minimum of 5 years Nursing experience.
Minimum of 1-year occupational health experience.
Holds a current CPR/First Aid/AED certificate.
Holds a current Registered Nurse license in the state of Pennsylvania.

Knowledge of OSHA regulations, worker’s compensation statutes, and associated insurance requirements.  The ability to manage a variety of tasks and make critical decisions.  Strong verbal and written skills, and organizational skills.  Must be willing to be trained in hazardous materials recognition, response, and safety programs.

Work is typically performed in an outpatient clinic, but occasionally may entail onsite industrial visits.

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